Happy Weekend!

1. “Yay!”  Chairs & Lamps

2. “Pay up! Or I’ll spike you.” No kidding~lol 
3. “Illuminating Wood”

9. Bottle Light

10. Lighting desk of two habits


Infographic Inspiration

I have gone from trying to combine graphic design and fibers to using graphic design to create a set of symbols to using infographics to display information, all while trying to come up with a subject involved with non-verbal communication.

I knew I didn't want to create an infographic based on means of travel but rather an event or subject in everyday life.  After thinking about major events from the past ten years I landed on the Deepwater Horizons Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  I think this major disaster is still a problem today and I hope to remind and maybe inspire people through my work to continue to support the cause to clean up the gulf in any way possible.

My plan for the next month is to narrow down my topic even more by picking out a specific subject within the context of the oil spill, possibly the animals effected by the disaster or the people and their jobs or the recovery project.  I know there is a lot of information here to be dissected and there are many opportunities to create something beautiful.  While collecting information about my own topic I am collecting examples of infographics that I can personally analyze to figure out what method I will use in my own design.  I also need to figure out where this project will exist and how it will be displayed, as well as who the audience will be.

Here are some of the websites and examples that I have found so far.

·      has wide variety of info-graphics examples

·      breaks down and analyses each section of the design and rates them overall

·      explains how the work fits into real world practice and how it is useful in explaining the information it is using

·      explains infographics and gives links to each examples web page

·      lists different hot spots for infographics and has links to many different examples

Most of these examples focus on the text rather than the image so I am still looking for more varied examples, but this is just the beginning.


Geo-Based Identity

I came across some past work by Landor that is similar to what I want to explore. If you have time check out some of their other work...they're one of my favs!



Something for inspirations

Eco-friendly / green design:
1- The "Savepaste". More details check here:
2. "Peelable bottle"
3. "Real green teabag"
4. "Verso Diverso"
5. minna - A japanese designer. Interesting works!

Chairs for conversation:

1. "Loopita"
2. "Loveseat"
3. "Sliding Bench"


1. "Bright Woods"
2. "Land Peel"  (This one is about everything!)

3. "Light me!"

More still coming :-)


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